of the Austrian Society of Neurorehabilitation (OeGNR), agreed on at the members’ general meeting in Oct 1998


English version of Article 1 and Article 4

(full version of bylaws currently only available in German)



§ 1 – Name of society, registered seat and field of activity


[1] The name of the society is "Österreichische Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation" (OeGNR).


[2] The registered seat of the OeGNR is in Vienna, the area of activity is the republic of Austria.



§ 2 – Objectives and purpose


[1] The mission of this non-profit society is the promotion, support and coordination of neurological rehabilitation in Austria with the aim of optimal specialist rehabilitation for people with illnesses of the nervous system and their consequences


[2] This objective should be reached by:


a) forming and representing an up to date and scientifically supported opinion in the field of neurological rehabilitation

b) supporting the cooperation of all persons who are working in the field of neurological rehabilitation either in the clinic or in research

c) cooperating with specialist societies in other countries who pursue similar intentions

d) giving professional support to all institutions of the Austrian health system who could contribute to the promotion of neurological rehabilitation

e) working out recommendations for the continuous quality improvement in neurological rehabilitation

f) public relations of any kind.



§ 4 - Membership


[1] Membership is open to all medical doctors and other healthcare professionals who are working in neurorehabilitation.


[2] The board of directors decides if an application for membership is successful. Admission can be denied without explanation.


[3] All neurologists who have an Austrian certificate in neurology or a comparable foreign certificate can become full members.


[4] All other medical doctors who do not fulfil the conditions under article 4.3 but who work in neurological rehabilitation can become associate members. Professionals belonging to other disciplines can also become associate members if they work in neurological rehabilitation (e.g. psychologists, specialist nurses, physio therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, etc.)

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